Experimental Center for the Arts
"Stereoma": Electroacoustic Music and Audiovisual Arts Festival
September 13, 2023 - October 15, 2023


Electroacoustic Music and Audiovisual Arts Festival

13 September - 15 October 2023

MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts (Warehouse B1, Pier A, Port of Thessaloniki)


The Festival explores new ideas of contemporary experimental approaches to sound and seeks to familiarise the audience with issues of contemporary sound expression and experience. It brings together works and compositions by artists and performers who explore and highlight the cultural, social, political and poetic aspects of the sonic experience, while using sound as an artistic practice, creating new musical structures and sounds that have not been heard and experiences that have not been experienced. 

"Stereoma" is structured around an exhibition (13.09-15.10), a series of concerts  (21-24.09) and live events  (5, 13, 14.10).

The exhibition hosts sound installations and interactive systems that explore and redefine the multifaceted nature and application of sound, as well as the relationship between music and technology and science, paving the way for new navigations, discoveries and interactions, of acoustic practice and expression.  The works presented will demonstrate the fusion of mechanical and organic elements, recommending further symbiotic relationships. The complexity of the aesthetics of sound provides unexpected examples for our perception and understanding of issues tangential to the acoustic process and its relationship to art. Moreover, the artists seek the potential of sound to intervene in contemporary political issues, offering new perspectives as a means of political action and change.

The live part includes artists whose music transcends the conventional understanding of sound.  Their music is characterized by improvisation, noise, the connection of music with machines, seeks the unexpected and unpredictable, focuses on the small fluctuations of sound, and celebrates neurotic minimalism and dark industrial sounds, while exploring the distortion, asymmetry and disorder of sound. The transcendent phenomena of nature, the electromagnetic forces of space, and the animate and inanimate elements that occupy the surrounding space are the foundations into which artists immerse themselves, urging us into a liberating and transformative listening experience.


Curated by: Eirini Papakonstantinou



Exhibition (13 September-15 October)

Margherita Brillada, Karl Grϋmpe και rene p.g., Jasmine Guffond, Dimitra Kousteridou, Eva Matsigou, Luc Messinezis, Marianthi Papalexandri – Alexandri & Pe Lang, σ.π.Α.Μ* (Ensembles of Experimental & Improvised Music), Thomas Valianatos


Concerts* (21-24 September)

asabe (September 21)

RETE (September 22)

Bethnal Greener + Dimitra Kousteridou (September 22)

CONSTANTINE SKOURLIS w/Kostas Tzekos (September 23)

Marta Zapparoli (September 23)

acte vide (September 24)

Valerio Tricoli (September 24)



σ.π.Α.Μ* (October 5)

Κ&Α (Karla Isidorou and Alexandra Bellon) (October 13-14)



*General admission: 3€. 

*Concert tickets: 21.09, 3€ | 22.09, 5€ | 23.09, 5€ | 24.09, 5€ | 4-day ticket 21-24.09: 15€