Museum of Modern Art
FIGITAL 12. 12 artworks – many stories
April 10, 2024 - May 1, 2024

MOMus-Museum of Modern Art and MAIT (an Italian creative company) designed together a new digital experience for the museum’s visitors (children and adults) of the Costakis Collection with artworks of Russian Avant-garde, using innovative technologies to explore the art objects in new ways. 


This fascinating digital route “narrates” on the ground floor of the Museum in the Moni Lazariston venue stories and legends about the collector George Costakis himself, his famous collection as well as stories about selected artists of that period and their artworks. 


Augmented reality, animation, gamification help to immerse into the world of arts and enjoy learning about the paintings and objects and interacting with them. The “Game” dice leads to these experiences on the page of each artwork. 


MAIT’s approach is built on six columns: Careful Objects’ Selection, Gamification, Storytelling, Digital Instruments, Versions for Different Audiences and Continued Engagement Approach. 


Combine exploring Avant-Garde Art with enjoying digital experiences on your cellphone! Enjoy little adventures exploring works from the Museum’s Costakis Collection! An exciting tour into the world of art and new technologies for adults and children begins!


MAIT Modern Adventure Interactive Tourism