Nature Tracers | Biennale 8
21/12/2022 - 21/05/2023 MOMus-Museum of Modern Art-Costakis Collection


21.12.2022 – 21.05.2023

ΜΟΜus-Museum of Modern Art-Costakis Collection

The participating artists Alexandra Marati – Anna Vdakoglou, Aikaterini Gegisian and Kiril Prashkov become nature tracers and awake our senses through “biodynamic gardens”, projecting in a visual way the biological cycles of the earth and untinately of our lives, altering known works of art and giving them an unexpected sleight of hand.

Alexandra Marati, in collaboration with the architect Anna Vadakoglou, has created a delimited "biodynamic garden" inspired by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, according to whom the cultivation of the soil with care and careful selection of soil, seeds and plants is a mystery with a metaphysical dimension, but at the same time it is the basic condition for successful organic agriculture. In the "biodynamic garden" visitors experience the uniqueness of an atmosphere that awakens the senses. According to the artist, the installation, based on studied ecological material, invites the viewer to transfer his positive energy to achieve a vegetation of higher quality. 

Aikaterini Gegisian's installation "To be continued... Untitled" invites us into an aesthetically designed interior space that contains images of flowers and other plants, birds, animals and people. The artist, who has integrated organic farming into her personal life, transforms photographs of still life and wild nature into an ever-changing organic material that monitors the biological cycles of the earth and ultimately our lives. 

Kiril Prashkov in his series of works "Natural Modernism" - in a self-deprecating way - makes replicas of well-known works of 20th century art history by P. Mondrian, K. Malevich, M. Duchamp, R. Magritte and A. Calder, using mainly wood and straw. This formalist transformation, achieved through the use of purely natural materials, gives the works an unexpected handcrafted quality, translating the visual language of the originals and ultimately influencing their reception by the viewer him/herself.

Artists: Aikaterini Gegisian, Alexandra Marati – Anna Vadakoglou, Kiril Prashkov

Curator: Maria Tsantsanoglou

Exhibition supporter: BIOS AGROSYSTEMS