INSPIRE PROJECT 2020: "Dream Archives"
22/07/2020 - 11/10/2020 MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts


Dream Archives: Dreams as a primal material for artistic creation and practice


Fluid dreams, dreams that remain, dreams that are co-created and co-defined, dreams that gain substance and become primal material for artistic production and practice constitute the “Dream Archives” of the homonymous exhibition presented at MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts, Warehouse B1, Thessaloniki Port Area, from July 22 until October 11, as the outcome of INSPIRE PROJECT 2020.

The exhibition includes works of this year’s invited artist, Mary Zygouri, selected from her recent artistic production, dating from 2014 until today, that are directly related to the content and practices of the workshop entitled "Dream Archives". Τhe exhibition also includes new artworks produced during the workshop by the young participating artists or recent Fine Arts School graduates: Katerina Anastasiou, Maria Andrikopoulou, Nicoletta Angelidou, Zoi Antypa, Dimitra Charizani, Nikos Efstathoulidis, Eirini Fotiadi, Christina Kapetaniou,  Fousti Lamé, Giorgos Michalopoulos, Katerina Moschou, Sofia Moutafi, Stefania Patrikiou, Georgia Pilali, Thanasis Sampaziotis, Ano Theodoroglou, Konstantinos Terzis and Anastasia Tsalpatourou.



Mary Zygouri, invited artist

The launch of this year's INSPIRE PROJECT workshop entitled "Dream Archives: Dreams as a primal material for artistic production and practice" was realised online on July 6, with the introduction to the thematic and research field of the workshop, as well as the recording of participants' dreams. On July 13, the collective and performative part of the workshop began. Mary Zygouri, following open pedagogical method, approached the plan of cooperation and joint learning in the fluid urban and natural landscape of Thessaloniki. The hidden paths of water in the city, in relation to the fluidity of the Dream, become the field of action and artistic experimentation of the workshop. Through performative and site-specific practices, the collective experience -sensory, aesthetic, associative, momentary, dreamy- interacted and co-shaped the works of the 18 young artists presented in the exhibition.

Inspire Project is co-financed by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).


Thouli Misirloglou, Director of Inspire Project 2020, Acting Director of MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts

Domna Gounari, Curator of Inspire Project 2020, Curator of MOMus-MOMus-Experimental Center for the Arts


Mary Zygouri – Curriculum Vitae

Mary Zygouri (1973, Athens) lives and works between Greece and Italy. She studied painting, photography, sculpture and scenography at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1994-2000). She holds a master’s degree in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design, in London (2001-2003). In her work she engages with issues related to the individual, political and social identity crisis in the contemporary world activating various expressive means, performance in particular. Her interventions, organised and prepared in detail, usually occur in public spaces. The body as a physical medium and conceptual tool for the expression of identity and cultural politics constitute a long standing artistic strategy of Zygouri. Since 2005 she has participated in and also organised several artistic residencies while she has also participated in numerous group shows. Indicatively: “Truth Is Always Something Else”, a dialogue between two collections: National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST) & Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GNIAM), Rome (IT) (2018). “Resilient Futures”, Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki (GR) (2018). “Fine moduloThe Raft. Art is (not) Lonely”, curated by Jan Fabre and Johanna De Vos, Mu.ZEE, Ostend (BE) (2017). “The Round-up Project: Kokkinia 1979–Kokkinia 2017 / M. Z. / M. K”, “Learning from Athens”, Documenta 14, Athens –Kassel (2017). “Fragile body – Material Body”, 3rd Venice International Performance Art Week (2016), «The dream of Antigone», Palazzo Morra, Venice (IT). “Art, Struggle, and the City: ROAMING ASSEMBLY #7”, Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Arnhem (NL) (2016).  [OUT] TOPΙAS, Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space, Benaki Museum, Athens (GR) (2016). “Bath of the Constitution, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, IKSV, Istanbul (TR) (2015). “Omonia”, 6th Athens Biennale, in collaboration with ISET Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens (GR) (2015). “Movimento in semi-libertà”, I.C.E and Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali, (IT) (2015). «VENUS OF THE RAGS / IN TANSIT / ELEUSIS, 2014», Aischylian Festival, Elefsina (GR) (2014). “Archive Rights 1”, “OPERA APERTA- Maria Karavela», ISET- Contemporary Greek Art Institute, Athens (GR) (2014). “Παχυντικά κελιά“, Praxis. Art in time of uncertainty, 2nd Thessaloniki Contemporary Art Biennial, “HELP”–1st Thessaloniki Performance Festival (GR) (2009). In 2012 she was awarded by the Art Critics Association (ΑICA Hellas).


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