INSPIRE PROJECT 2023: “Tension. Future scenarios and other stories”
07/04/2023 - 30/06/2023 MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art-Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art and State Museum of Contemporary Art Collections

Exhibition “Tension. Future scenarios and other stories”

In the frame of the Inspire Project 2023

Leading artists:  Michail Karikis, Albert Barqué-Duran

MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art (TIF-Helexpo premises)

April 07– June 30, 2023

Opening: Friday, April 07, 2023, 19:00


The MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art's Inspire Project is an extended workshop for young creators, led by distinguished European artists, aiming to promote contemporary creativity, in the frame of a hyper-intensive workshop. This year's version of the event revolves around the theme of the Future, in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair on Futures Research and the Millennium Project.

Man does not live in isolation from his future. In fact he plans, designs, imagines, dreams or despairs, making working assumptions about his future incessantly. And art is that crucial factor that allows this problematic to be explored with a new look and alternative ways.

In Inspire Project 2023, driven by art, young artists enrich the dominant and secondary narratives, creating an artistic collective framework for thinking and acting on many alternative future universes. The goal of this year's workshop is to stir up many different narratives, not only to imagine the future, but also to understand that our visions of the future are dynamic and dependent on our decisions and choices.

In the frame of the exhibition opening under the general title Tension. Future scenarios and other stories” on Friday, April 07 at 19:00, two performances by Albert Barqué-Duran and Georgios Georgiou will also take place.


The Inspire Project is co-funded by Greece and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).


Director: Thouli Misirloglou, Director of the MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art

Curators: Areti Leopoulou, MOMus curator, with the collaboration of Mikhail Karikis, Albert Barqué-Duran and the participants of the workshops

Project manager: Eftichia Petridou

Project manager assistant: Yanna Matzarli

Production Assistant: Christina Vlachou

Selection committee for the selection of workshop participants: Areti Leopoulou, Theodore Markoglou, Katerina Siroglou, MOMus curators

Future lab: Epaminondas Christophilopoulos, UNESCO Chair on Future Research

Technical support: M-SPIRIT, Periklis Galanos, Stelios Theodoridis, Pantelis Ramantanis, Constructivist


Leading artists: 

Michail Karikis is a visual thinker who engages in a multi-media conversation with the big, contemporary problems of humanity. His work always has a directly social dimension, even possessing a sense of urgency.

Albert Barqué-Duran creates dynamic experiences that push the limits of human perception, explores the dimensions of the interaction between man, machines and spatial art, and deals with social and hypothetical scenarios.

Participating artists: Stergios Adam, Angelos, Christoforos Antoniadis, Konstantina Antonopoulou, Leonidas Argyros, Charis Chilitshs, Evangelia Danadaki, Dimitris Dimitriadis, Julia Florentzi, Maria Georgiadou, Georgios Georgiou, Sofia Damouli-Plaini, Erifili Dukeli, Christodoulos Grigoriadis, Zoe Kalogianni, Dimitris Kapetanou, Irini Karamanli, Sophia Kiousi, Vangelis Kontos, Akrivi Koukouli, Konstantinos Kioutsioukis, Anthousa Lekka, Konstantina Makri, Natalia Maniaka, Natasha Mavromatidou, Dimitris Mertzos, Foivos Mingas, Evangelia-Natalia Mpoutasi, Georgios Othonos, Vassilis Papadopoulos, Maria-Eleni Papakyriakou, Eleni Perantzaki, Georgia Pilali, Efstathia Savvidou, Nainti Shekine, Maria Tsesmeli, Konstantinos Xanthis, Maria Xinοpoulou, Christina Yasemidou, Stefanos Zafeiriou